Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Pressure relieving properties coupled with Ultra High breathability

Unique in aiding to achieve "Optimum Temperature" as you sleep

Cut to Size memory foam  to suit any Caravan or special size mattress.

Maybe your Pet would like a good nights sleep as well.

MEMAir - Memory Foam

MEMair™ provides pressure relieving properties coupled with High breathability. 

MEMair™ foams are unique in their ability to aid in achieving the “Optimum Temperature” as you sleep.  

Its enhanced airflow combined with the high moisture wicking allow the foam to breathe up to 3 times more than your conventional memory foams.

Memory Foam that provides Ultra High air flow for added breathability


MEMair™ Breeze has all the features of MEMair™ plus Ultra High air flow for added breathability, up to 8 times more than conventional memory foams.


MEMair™ Breeze memory foam provides pressure relieving properties coupled with Ultra High breathability. Its wider open cell structure allows increased airflow for superior temperature regulation.

• Ultra High air flow enabling superior breathability

• Superior Moisture Wicking, (acting to move moisture by capillary action from the inside to the surface)

• Thermo regulating through superior heat  dissipation

• Plush, luxurious

Memory Foam for aircraft seating
used in the United States

We also supply Australian made specialised memory foam to aircraft seat manufacturers in theUnited States.

Unlike our mattress topper memory foam the type of memory foam supplied for aircraft is of the highest fire rating while still providing the comfort you would expect from an Australian made product.

All the seats you will see in the attached video contain the Australian made memory foam.