Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Sizes to suit all standard beds.

Cut to Size for Caravans, special beds and even your pets.

You have a choice of Four grades of  memory foam, medium feel, soft feel, Gel infused, MEMair

New Release - now available

MEMair™ and MEMair BREEZE™ foams provide pressure relieving properties coupled with Ultra High breathability.  MEMair™ foams are unique in their ability to aid in achieving the “Optimum Temperature” as you sleep.  Its enhanced airflow combined with the high moisture wicking allow for the foam to breathe up to 8 times more than conventional memory foams.

All memory foam is made in Australia and comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Our memory foam toppers cradle the natural contours in your neck, shoulder, back and knees, giving a sense of weightlessness.

These memory foams have been designed specifically for Australian conditions where it works just as well in hot or cold conditions, unlike other types of memory foam.

All foams used in our mattress toppers have an anti-microbial treatment added during manufacture, providing effective control of dust mites as well as destructive mould, mildew and fungi - these being triggers for allergies and asthmatic concerns, particularly in young children.

Delivery - Australia Wide