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King Single


Cut to Size

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Standard and Cut to Size for Caravans,

special beds and even for pets.

You have a choice of two grades, 52-60 medium feel and 52-40 soft feel.

All toppers are made from Australian made foam and come with a manufacturing warranty.

Our premium 52-60 cradles the natural contours in your neck, shoulder, back and knees, giving a sense of weightlessness. These foams have been designed specifically for Australian conditions where it works just as well in hot or cold conditions, unlike other types of memory foam.

Gel infused Memory Foam is now available.

Australian made Reflection Gel ™ visco provides you with the superior comfort of memory foam plus the cooling of the infused gel which has the ability to rapidly channel heat to help regulate your body’s temperature whilst sleeping.

Advanced technology allows for the Liquid gel to be infused evenly during the manufacturing of our Reflection Gel ™ visco foams.

100% recyclable Improved feel of 5 % to 20% than standard visco

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